1933 Fulham East by-election

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The Fulham East by-election, in Fulham, on 25 October 1933 was held after Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) Kenyon Vaughan-Morgan died. The election was surprisingly won by John Charles Wilmot of Labour.

The seat itself is wrongly regarded as a 'safe' Conservative seat due to it returning a Conservative at most previous elections. However, it was marginal in most of those occasions except the remarkable circumstances of 1931 and Labour's electoral destruction.

The election was seen as a test of the developing mood of Pacifism in the country at the time, so much so that it became known as the 'Peace by-election'. The heavy defeat for the National Government candidate, a strong supporter of rearmament, helped, along with the Peace Ballot of 1935, to bring about a rethink in the government's agenda.


Fulham by-election, 1933
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour John Wilmot 17,790 57.9 +31.8
Conservative William Waldron 12,950 42.1 -26.6
Majority 4,840
Turnout 30,740
Labour gain from Conservative Swing
General Election 1931: Fulham East
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Kenyon Vaughan-Morgan 23,438 68.7
Labour H J Maynard 8,917 26.1
Liberal J H Greenwood 1,788 5.2
Majority 14,521 42.6
Conservative hold Swing


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