Gävle Godtemplares IK

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Gävle Godtemplares IK
City Gävle, Sweden
League Swedish division 2
Founded 1906 (1906)
Home arena Nynäshallen

Gävle Godtemplares IK is a Swedish sports club, most known for the success the ice hockey team had during the 1950s.


Gävle Godtemplares IK was founded May 6, 1906, as a gymnastics and athletics club. The club got famous through its ice hockey team, when it made its debut in Sweden's highest ice hockey division for the 1947–48 season. The team reached the finals in the 1953–54 season, but lost to Djurgårdens IF after a 5–1 loss and a 1–1 draw.[1] Gävle GIK got their revenge in the 1956–57 season, when the team managed to win the final series, and their first Le Mat trophy.[1]

The ice hockey team was relegated to the second division after the 1963–64 season, and has since not played in the highest division. The team currently plays in Division 2, which is the fourth tier in the Swedish league system.

Gävle GIK also has a football department, currently only supporting youth teams.


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Preceded by
Södertälje SK
Swedish ice hockey champions
Succeeded by
Djurgårdens IF