G.M. The Independent Fantasy Roleplaying Magazine

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G.M. The Independent Fantasy Roleplaying Magazine
First issue September 1988; 29 years ago (1988-09)
Final issue
— Number
March 1990 (1990-03)
Company Croftward Publishing

G.M. The Independent Fantasy Roleplaying Magazine was first published in September 1988 by Croftward Publishing. The editorial team of Tim Metcalfe, Paul Boughton and Wayne worked together previously on Computer and Video Games magazine.


G.M. ran for nineteen issues until March 1990 when Croftward Publishing went into liquidation. Metcalfe, Boughton and Wayne later became associate editors for GamesMaster International, published by Newsfield.


Content varied in each issue but normally covered a wide range of roleplaying activities including role-playing games (RPG), computer RPGs, play-by-mail, live action role-playing, board games, fantasy films, fantasy novels and solo roleplay books, miniature figures as well as scenarios, game playing hints and tips, short stories, interviews and much more.