All-Time All Star Award (football)

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The All-Time All Star Award in Football was an award given on an annual basis to a sportsperson who had made a long-running and considerable contribution to the sport of Gaelic football in Ireland. In existence from 1980 until 1994 the award was presented to a former player who, more than likely, would have received an All Star had the awards scheme been in existence during their playing days.

List of winners[edit]

Year Recipients County
1980 Larry Stanley Kildare
1981 Tommy Murphy Laois
1982 Paddy Moclair Mayo
1983 Jim McCullough Armagh
1985 J.J. 'Purty' Landers
Tim 'Roundy' Landers
1986 Alf Murray Armagh
1987 Mick Higgins Cavan
1988 Kevin Armstrong Antrim
1989 Peter McDermott Meath
1990 Eddie Boyle Louth
1991 Seán Purcell Galway
1992 Seán Flanagan Mayo
1993 Jimmy Murray Roscommon
1994 Bill Delaney Laois

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