Great American Mountain Rally

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Great American Mountain Rally (GAMR) was an automotive rally held in November in New England, United States. The course was 1500 miles long in harsh temperatures and cruel terrain. GAMR was possibly the first-ever US FIA-sanctioned rally.

In 1957 Saab 93 made headline news as three stock 93s entered into the competition and win first, third and fourth place in their class, as well as overall and team trophies.



  • Manufacturer's team prize - Sunbeam


  • Manufacturer's team prize - Sunbeam


November 24–26 1 Kriplen-Richert (Porsche) 2 Blodgett-Rauch (Triumph TR2) 3 Bulck, W.-Bulck, E. (Austin-Healey)


November 21-25 1 Lehmann-Brown (Saab) 2 Mackley-Hamlock (Renault) 3 Blackburn, D. and F. (Jaguar) 4 Young-Fendler (Volkswagen) 5 Hurtley, H. and A. (Triumph TR3) 6 Middle-Muskin (Saab) 7 Gatsonides-Blodgett (Triumph TR3)