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The GLI-F4 instant tear gas grenade (or SAE 810 instant tear gas grenade) is a tear gas and sound-only stun grenade containing 25 grams of TNT.

It is used in France since 2011. France is the only European country using these for law enforcement. It can cause serious mutilations and can even be lethal.

During the French yellow vests protests in 2018, a French police officer fired an GLI-F4 grenade at protesters, which destroyed one hand of a protester who tried to grab it and throw it back.[1]


It was first authorized in law enforcement operations in France following June 30th 2011 décret n° 2011-795, alongside OF F1 grenades.[2] It has completely replaced OF F1 grenades since these were first suspended after the death of Rémi Fraisse when used during the October 2014 Sivens Dam demonstrations, then forbidden following May 10, 2017, décret n° 2017-1029.[3]


The GLI-F4 contains 10 grams of CS gas and 25 grams of TNT.


France is the only European country using explosive ammo for law enforcement[4]. This grenade has been used in France for policing operations since 2011.

Three thousand grenades of this type, some of which expired, were used on the Notre-Dame-des-Landes Zone to Defend in April 2018.[5]


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