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Many gangs started appearing in the US state of Georgia in the late 1980s, as a result of the crack cocaine epidemic.[1] In 2003, there were an estimated 58 gangs in the Atlanta area alone. In 2015, Atlanta police announced that they were tracking an estimated 120 gangs.[2] In more recent times, Mexican drug cartels have established Atlanta as a major distribution hub for Methamphetamine, Marijuana, Cocaine, and Heroin. The well-known gangs are mainly concentrated in Cobb and Gwinnett, but have hybrid sets that are found in smaller cities all over Georgia. Some of the gangs are nationwide, such as the Sureños, Bloods, Gangster Disciples, and the Crips, who have sent high ranking shotcallers to establish local neighborhood cliques as loyal sets under the same flag. Other gangs have originated from inside the Georgia prison system such as the Ghostface Gangsters.

Drug dealing is the main source of money for gang members, which has led some of the gangs to form untraditional alliances with one another. Armed Robbery, commonly drug robberies, are another way in which gangs capitalize in Atlanta's open air drug market. Downtown Atlanta has had national television coverage about the gang situation. The city was featured on the show Gangland, in the episodes "Death in Dixie," "Street Law," and "Death Before Dishonor." In edition, the city has been featured on "Drugs Inc." Numerous times. A movie called "Snow on the Bluff" illustrates the type of crime that occurs throughout Atlanta's entire metro area.


Atlanta is divided into the Police Patrol Zones of Atlanta, which some of the gangs recognize as turf divisions.[3] The zones in Atlanta are:

  • Zone 1: The neighborhoods that are within Zone 1 are: Bankhead, Hollywood, Hollywood Court, Bolton Road, Hightower, Bowen Homes, English Avenue, Vine City, and Fair Street.
  • Zone 2: This area is located on the North East/West of Atlanta. Some of the neighborhoods include Lenox Square,Lindbergh Cenattley,Howell Mill and NorthEast Atlanta
  • Zone 3: The neighborhoods in Zone 3 are: Mechanicsville, Thomasville, Summer Hill, Grant Park, College Park, Forest Park, Lakewood, East Point and Jonesboro South.
  • Zone 4: The neighborhoods in Zone 4 are: Ben Hill, Oakland City, Cascade,Wildwood Lakes Community, 1500 Block, West End, Westview, Allen Hills and Adamsville.
  • Zone 5: The neighborhoods in Zone 5 are: 4th Ward, Wheat Street, Grady Homes, Irwin Street and Techwood.
  • Zone 6: The neighborhoods in Zone 6 are: Candler Road, Reynoldstown, Edgewood, Kirkwood, East Lake, East Atlanta, Bouldercrest Road, Memorial Drive and Glenwood


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