Gare de Longueau

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Gare de Longueau

Longueau station is a railway station in Longueau near Amiens, France.[1] It is situated on the Paris–Lille railway. Longueau is served by trains of the TER Picardie and Intercités networks. As well as serving as a passenger station, Longueau is also home to one of the North of France's largest engine sheds, which include a roundhouse and turntable.


Longueau is linked to the region's large cities; Lille, Amiens and Paris. It is situated on the following lines:

Preceding station   SNCF   Following station
toward Paris-Nord
TER Picardie 16
toward Compiègne
TER Picardie 22
toward Paris-Nord


  1. ^ TER Picardie information about the station.

Coordinates: 49°51′51″N 2°21′10″E / 49.86417°N 2.35278°E / 49.86417; 2.35278