Gare de Rouen Saint-Sever

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Rouen Rive-Gauche.

Rouen Saint-Sever was a large railway station serving the city of Rouen, Normandy, northern France. The station was situated along the quais of the River Seine to the east of city's centre.

The station opened on May 3, 1843 when the line from Paris to Rouen opened to service. The station was destroyed in 1944 by the allied bombardments and was not reopened to passenger traffic after repairs. A short lived SNCF staff station called Rouen Préfecture occupied the site but closed in the 1990s. On December 19, 2005, Rouen's municipal council unanimously agreed on the reopening of the station. The new station would be built on the site of the former station and be opened in 2020.

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Coordinates: 49°25′57″N 1°5′36″E / 49.43250°N 1.09333°E / 49.43250; 1.09333