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Visual representation of gastronorm sizes

Gastronorm sizes are standard sizes of containers used in the catering industry specified in the EN 631 standards:[1]

  • GN2/1 : 650 × 530 mm
  • GN1/1 : 530 × 325 mm
  • GN2/3 : 354 × 325 mm
  • GN2/4 : 530 × 162 mm
  • GN1/2 : 325 × 265 mm
  • GN1/3 : 325 × 176 mm
  • GN1/4 : 265 × 162 mm
  • GN1/6 : 176 × 162 mm
  • GN1/9 : 108 × 176 mm

Trays and stackable stainless steel are specialized for cooking in an oven, polycarbonate and polypropylene are good for storage, melamine ware items are a good display solution. Also available are accessories such as drain lids and lids with cut-outs so that a serving utensil can be placed into the container. They are made in these sizes especially for the catering industry. There are also covers in the same measurements: GN 1/1, GN 1/2, GN 1/3, GN 2/1, GN 1/4, GN 1/6, GN 1/9, GN 2/3. A few companies (such as Olympia, Emile Henry, Genware) manufacture ranges of white porcelain dishes in Gastronorm sizes as serveware including decorative lids. There is also a Gastronorm-sized stainless steel serving plate with a wave pattern, similarly designed for use at the point of service. In addition, electrical kitchen equipment can be purchased, such as bain-maries, which are designed solely to hold Gastronorm containers; and large mobile racks are also available for storage and portability. Gastronorm dishes can occasionally be seen in the domestic market, for instance as the integral tray that slots in beneath chopping boards, so that food waste can be pushed easily into the tray for later disposal.

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