The Gates of Gnomeria

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Gates of Gnomeria
Andy Mckee GatesofGnomeria.jpg
Studio album by Andy McKee
Released September 10, 2007 (US)
Recorded 2005
Genre Instrumental/Roots
Length 42:50
Label CandyRat
Andy McKee chronology
Art of Motion
Gates of Gnomeria
Common Ground EP

The Gates of Gnomeria, released September 10, 2007, is Andy McKee's fourth studio album. This album features six new tracks, two of which ("I'll Be Over You" and "Venus as a Girl") are covers. "7-14," "A Sphere," "Ouray," "All Laid Back and Stuff" and "She" were all first seen on Andy's independent debut, Nocturne, which is out of print; these versions are vastly superior in terms of recording quality to their 2001 incarnations. The album's title track was leaked months beforehand and re-uploaded on YouTube in promotion for the album. Jeff Schmidt is listed as an accompanying artist on "A Sphere" and "Dependant Arising."

Track listing[edit]

# Title Time
1 "Gates of Gnomeria" on YouTube 5:39
2 "I'll Be Over You" (Toto) 3:24
3 "7-14" 3:26
4 "A Sphere" 3:21
5 "Ouray" 2:21
6 "All Laid Back and Stuff" on YouTube 2:45
7 "Nakagawa-san" on YouTube 4:34
8 "Dependant Arising" on YouTube 4:45
9 "Venus as a Girl" (Björk) 4:28
10 "She" on YouTube 3:01
11 "Ebon Coast" on YouTube 5:06
This is a fan playing a part from Ebon Coast

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