2017 Greater Geelong City Council election

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Elections for the Greater Geelong City Council are scheduled to take place on 27 October 2017.[1]

Conducted by post, they are occurring separately to other local government elections in the state due to the 2016 sacking of the Council.


The previous City of Greater Geelong Council, which was elected in 2012, and Mayor Darryn Lyons, elected in a Mayoral by-election in 2013, were sacked by the Daniel Andrews Government in May 2016 after allegations of bullying,[2] and Administrators installed to manage city and council affairs in place of elected Councillors as well as to weed out cultural problems that led to the Council's sacking in the first place.

As such, Geelong missed out on electing a new Council in November 2016, when other local government areas in Victoria elected their Councils. Instead, a Citizen's Jury was established to help determine a way forward, including deciding on the structure a future Council should take.

Eventually, legislation was introduced and passed the Victorian Parliament to bring forward elections to October 2017 (instead of 2020, as originally planned).[3]


Councillors will be elected to four multi-member wards. The wards and currently declared candidates are as follows:

Bellarine (3 councillors)[edit]

9 candidate declared[4]
Party Candidate Background
  Animal Justice Party Naomi Adams
  Independent Stephanie Asher Consultant
  Independent Anne Brackley
  Labor Jim Mason
  Greens Stephen McGain
  Independent Art Sims
  Liberal Trent Sullivan President of the Geelong Young Liberals, real estate agent
  Liberal John Van Beveren Lawyer and small business owner
  Independent Stewart Webb

Brownbill (3 councillors)[edit]

19 candidates declared, in alphabetical order[5]
Party Candidate Background
  Independent Mik Aidt Journalist and community radio host
  Independent George Ballas Community advocate, former Chairman of Pako Festa
  Independent Nicole Brown
  Socialist Alliance Sue Bull Activist and unionist
  Labor Melissa Cadwell Manager at Melbourne Health[6]
  Labor Ellen Csar Advocate and teaching aid
  Independent Freya Fidge HR Professional, family history of Councilors and Mayors[6]
  Animal Justice Party Jennifer Gamble Nurse
  Independent Terry Gillard Community Involvement[6]
  Socialist Alliance Sarah Hathway Student and activist
  Animal Justice Party Jacqui Jacka Nurse
  Liberal Michael King Businessman
  Liberal Eddy Kontelj Former Councillor
  Greens Sarah Mansfield General Practitioner
  Independent Peter Mitchell Business Solutions[6]
  Independent Peter Murrihy Former Councillor
  Nationals Charles Neal Tourism boat operator
  Independent Alec Sandner Former City of Greater Bendigo mayor
  Independent Stephen Simmonds

Kardinia (3 councillors)[edit]

9 candidates declared, in alphabetical order.[7]
Party Candidate Background
  Independent Bruce Harwood Former Councillor
  Labor Brent Lyons-Lee
  Independent Darren Hauenstein IT professional
  Independent Doug Mann Teacher
  Independent Pat Murnane
  Liberal Ron Nelson Former Councillor, former archivist.
  Greens Lois Newman Student, president of the Deakin Greens on Campus in Geelong.
  Animal Justice Party Elliot Taylor
  Independent Mary Walker Theatre director, former teacher

Windermere (2 councillors)[edit]

10 candidates declared, in alphabetical order.[8]
Party Candidate Background
  Independent Anthony Aitken
  Independent Tony Ansett Former Councillor
  Labor Robert Blaszczyk
  Independent Ken Dickens Owner of Corio Waste Management.
  Independent Jordan Grossman Engineer at Ford Motor Company
  Independent Kylie Grzybek Chief of Staff to transport Accident Commission CEO
  Labor Moshtagh Heidari
  Independent Marina Kozul Architect.
  Greens Greg Lacey
  Labor David Withington Public relations consultant

Election timeline[edit]

26 September 2017: Candidate nominations close

3 October: Windermere candidates forum at 94.7 The Pulse

10 October: Brownbill candidates forum at 94.7 The Pulse

10–12 October: Ballot packs are mailed out in the days around 10–12 October 2017.

27 October: Postal voting closes

28 October: Election Day


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