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Location of Geisweid (red) in Siegen
Train station in Siegen-Geisweid

Geisweid is a suburban part (Stadtteil) of the city Siegen in Germany.

Geisweid, a northern part of Siegen, shares borders with Sohlbach in the north, Weidenau in the south-east, Langenholdinghausen in the west and Birlenbach in the south.

The Hofbachstadion, a stadium with a capacity of nearly 10.000 spectators is located in Geisweid and hosts the home matches of the local football-club VfL Klafeld-Geisweid.


Geisweid is a part of Siegen since 1. January 1975.


At the end of 2010 Geisweid had a population of 13,217 inhabitants.

Year Population
1818 534
1885 2.424
1905 5.292
1950 11.039
1975 16.562
2010 13.217

Coordinates: 50°55′N 8°02′E / 50.917°N 8.033°E / 50.917; 8.033