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The General Council of Corrèze is the Conseil général of Corrèze (France). It was chaired by François Hollande from 2008-2012, although he departed from this position when he took office as the President of France on May 15, 2012. It includes 37 members.


By party[edit]

Party seats  %
Union for a Popular Movement 15 40.54%
Socialist Party 14 37.84%
French Communist Party 3 8.11%
Miscellaneous Left 3 8.11%
Miscellaneous Right 2 5.40%
Europe Ecology – The Greens 1 2.70%

By political groups[edit]

Group seats  %
Corrèze Tomorrow (Corrèze Demain) 17 45.95%
Corrèze Left (Corrèze à gauche) 17 45.95%
Corrèze Left Earth - Europe Ecology The Greens (Corrèze Terre de gauche - Europe Ecologie Les Verts) 4 10.81%

List of Presidents[edit]

Current membership[edit]

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