PS George Rennie

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The wreck of the George Rennie
Civil Ensign of the United Kingdom.svgAustralia
Name: George Rennie
Owner: Howard Smith and Company (1896-?)
Completed: 1885
Out of service: 1902
Fate: Scuttled in Picnic Bay, Magnetic Island at 2 meters depth
General characteristics
  • Paddle Steamer (1885-1896)
  • Coal Lighter (1896-1902)
Displacement: 151 GRT

PS George Rennie was a steel-hulled ship scuttled in the lee of Hawking Point, Magnetic Island, Queensland, Australia.[1] It was built in 1885 in Middlesex as a 151-gross-ton paddle steamer. In 1896 the vessel was purchased by Howard Smith and Company who converted it into a lighter. Howard Smith and Company used the vessel to transport coal[1] to from anchorage at West Point to Townsville harbour. It was scuttled in 1902 to serve as a breakwater for a small jetty in the bay. The remains of the ship can still be seen at low tide from Picnic Bay beach.

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Coordinates: 19°10′51.12″S 146°50′01.66″E / 19.1808667°S 146.8337944°E / -19.1808667; 146.8337944