Gervaise of Bazoches

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Gervaise of Bazoches (died May 1108), Prince of Galilee and Lord of Tiberias, was a crusader on the First Crusade.

Before the crusade, he was the advocate of Mont-Notre-Dame and brother of Hugh, lord of Bazoches-sur-Vesles. In the Holy Land, he was an officer of Baldwin I of Jerusalem, who conferred Galilee on him after the death of Hugh of Saint Omer. In May 1108, his troop of eighty knights and two hundred infantrymen was defeated by Toghtekin, atabeg of Damascus, and Gervaise was taken prisoner, like his predecessor. Tughtikin proposed the cities of Acre, Haifa, and Tiberias as a suitable ransom, Baldwin refused and offered an amount of silver. Gervaise was subsequently executed, also like his predecessor.


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