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Gesy is the universal health insurance system of Cyprus.

The original Gesy legislation was passed in 2001, but the three government bills and regulations introducing the system were only agreed by parliament on 16th June 2017 after prolonged negotiations led by Yiorgos Pamboridis, the health minister. It is to be fully operational by July 1, 2020.[1]

The running of these service is in the hands of the Health Insurance Organisation.


From 1 March 2019 the scheme will cover out-of-hospital care. Employees and pensioners, income-earners will have to contribute 1.7% of their income, employers 1.85%, the state 1.65%, and self-employed people 2.55%. From 1 March 2020 it will include hospital care, and contributions will rise to 2.65% for employees, 2.9% for employers, 4.7% from the state , and 4% for the self-employed. There are co-payments which are capped at €300 per year for patients and €75 per year for low-pension earners and recipients of Guaranteed Minimum Income.[2]


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