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Gezira Beach (also known as Jezira Beach) is a Popular tourist attraction of the city of Mogadishu after [Lido Beach] ]Tourist Attraction, the capital of Somalia.

Where Thousands of People Gather to relax on weekends as part of Somali calture of Seagoing.The Gaziira Beach Just Few Kilometres south of the Capital has gained Popularity with the Returning diaspora with hotels,restaurants, boats riding sprang up everywhere Employing hundreds of Youth and Stimulating Both the Local Tourism industry and the Economy .[1][ref].

jaziira beach tourism 2015
Tourism gezira beach Somalia.

This is one of the best parts in Somalia, The Jazeera beach as well as the Lido Beach are one of the most beautiful places to go with family and friends on, but the people around the area are so happy and welcoming to see tourists around. International tourists mostly from turkey, America, UK, Italy, German Malaysia and others visit Jazeera Beach south of Mogadishu almost 13 km.

The Beach Offers Tourists Especially Foreigners the Chance To see The Animal Market in Gezira Where Camels,Cows,Goat,sheep and Wildlife are Sold and Also The Salt Mining Processess located there.

The features of the Beach Include a small island which can be accessed by tourists by Renting a Boat.

The Indian Ocean coastline in Gezira Beach features some of the most impressive beaches in the world. With pure sand, temperate waters and abundant wildlife, Diaspora Returnees and Foreigner investors are keen on to Develop this waterfront beach into a popular tourist destination. A dry, hot climate is typical in this eastern African city. Rainy days come rarely to Mogadishu, and the wettest weather occurs from May through August.[2][ref]