Al Jabal al Gharbi Governorate

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Location of Al Jebal al Gharbi Governorate (1963-1983) within Libya

Al Jabal al Gharbi Governorate was one of the governorates (muhafazah) of Libya from 1963 to 1983.[1] Its capital was Gharyan.[2] Other important towns in the governorate were Yafran, Nalut, Ghadames and Mizda.

In 1970 the governorate was renamed Gharyan Governorate (Gharian Governorate), but the boundaries remained unchanged. The governorate's population was 180,883 in 1964 and had risen to 245,018 by 1972.[3]


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Coordinates: 28°13′30″N 13°01′00″E / 28.22500°N 13.01667°E / 28.22500; 13.01667