Giannis Mihalopoulos

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Giannis Mihalopoulos
Γιάννης Μιχαλόπουλος
Born (1927-04-22)22 April 1927
Athens, Greece
Died 10 June 2016(2016-06-10) (aged 89)
Athens, Greece
Nationality Greek
Occupation actor

Giannis Mihalopoulos (Greek: Γιάννης Μιχαλόπουλος; 22 April 1927 – 10 June 2016) was a Greek actor.


Mihalopoulos was born in Athens. He mostly acted in supporting roles, appearing in many movies, his most famous being Ah afti i yineka mou, and Anthropos yia oles tis doulies. He also had many roles on television; his most famous being Orkisteite parakalo, in which he acted as a judge in a court. He died in Athens.[1][2]


Year Film Transliteration and translation Role
1966 Ah! Kai na 'moun antras Αχ! Και να 'μουν άντρας Savas Makryheris
1966 Anthropos yia oles tis doulies Άνθρωπος για όλες τις δουλειές (A Person For All These Duties) John Pappas
1967 Mias pendaras niata (Μιας πεντάρας νιάτα) Pashallis Avramidis
1967 Ah! Afti i gynaika mou Αχ αυτή η γυναίκα μου (Oh! That Wife of Mine) Harillaos
1969 Mia treli... treli... sarantara Μια τρελλή... τρελλή... σαραντάρα (One Crazy... Crazy... 40-Year-Old Woman) Orestis Petromihalis
1970 I thia mou i hipissa Η θεία μου η χίπισσα Pete
1971 O katergaris Ο κατεργάρης (The Rascal) Miltos Flevaras
1979 O anthropos laheio O άνθρωπος λαχείο (The Lottery Man) Captain Mihalis
1983 Giftiki kompania Γύφτικη κομπανία (A Gypsy Company) -
1984 An itan to violi pouli Αν ήταν το βιολί πουλί (If It Was a Bird/Chicken Violin) -


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