Gideon's Day

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Gideon's Day
First edition
Author John Creasey (as J.J. Marric)
Genre Detective fiction
Publisher Harper & Brothers
Publication date
Media type Print
Pages 192
OCLC 1303053
Followed by Gideon's Week

Gideon's Day is the first in a series of police procedural novels by John Creasey writing as J.J. Marric. Published in 1955, it features a day in the professional life of Detective Superintendent George Gideon of the C.I.D., Scotland Yard. In later books in the series, Gideon has been promoted to the rank of C.I.D. Commander.

Plot Summary[edit]

George Gideon is looking forward to his day, but a dozen different problems beset him.

Scotland Yard C.I.D. George Gideon is looking forward to his day, but starts off on the wrong foot. Gideon gets a traffic-violation ticket from a young police officer. From there everything is turned upside down, and his day involves finding out that one of his most-trusted detectives has accepted bribes, he has to hunt down an escaped maniac murderer and track down a young girl suspected of one robbery, only to have to break up another one in a bank a while later. His not-so-typical long day ends when he arrives home and finds out that his daughter has a date with the policeman who gave him a ticket that same morning.[1]


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