Giovanni Torlonia, 1st Prince di Civitella-Cesi

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Giovanni Raimondo Torlonia (May 1755 – February 25, 1829) was a famous Franco-Italian banker to the Vatican and noble of the Torlonia family.[1]

He inherited in 1785 the fortune of his father Marino Torlonia (1725–1785; born Marin Torlonias in Augerolles, France), who had become a successful businessman and banker in Rome. In exchange for the administration of the Vatican finances with the blessing of Pope Pius VI, Giovanni Torlonia was created in 1794 Duke of Bracciano and Count of Pisciarelli; in 1803 Marquis of Romavecchia e Turrita; and 1st Prince of Civitella Cesi (Princeps Romanus); he was created a Patrizio Romano in 1809 (with Papal confirmation of that honor on January 19, 1813) and Duke of Poli e Guadagnolo in 1820, among other titles.

He was the builder of the Villa Torlonia in Rome (started 1806), as well as other Torlonia villas.

In 1793 he married Anna Maria Schultheiss (1760–1840). They had five children:

  • Maria Teresa (born 1794)
  • Marino (1796–1860) who in 1847 became Duca di Poli e di Guadagnolo
  • Carlo (1798–1848),
  • Alessandro Torlonia, 2nd Prince di Civitella-Cesi (1800–1886) who inherited his fathers prince title in 1829,
  • Maria Luisa (1804–1883).

By his son Marino, Giovanni Raimondo Torlonia is an ancestor of American actress Brooke Shields.


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