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Gjon Gazulli (Latin: Johannes Gasulus)[a][b] Gjadër, Republic of Venice, 1400 – Dubrovnik, 19 February 1465) was an Albanian Dominican friar, humanist scholar, and diplomat.[1][2]


Gazulli attended schools in Shkodër and Ragusa, and in 1425 he graduated from University of Padua. In 1432 he traveled to the Hungarian royal court where he attempted to persuade Sigismund I in supporting Albanian resistance against the Ottoman Empire. He broke his mission off in 1433, when he was appealed to be a professor of mathematics and astronomy at the University of Padua. Years later he was acting as a diplomat with the Italian principalities' courts, representing the interests of Skanderbeg and of the League of Lezhë.[3]

His lasting mathematical and astronomical works were written in Latin. He was renowned for his considerable knowledge, in Italy and in Hungary, as well. His brother, Pal Gazulli (1405–1470) was the diplomat of Skanderbeg and of the League of Lezhë in Ragusa.[3] He had a second brother named Andrea Gazulli, also mentioned as prominent.


a.   ^ Also known in Albanian as Gjon Gjin Gazulli, or even Gjin Gazulli. In Croatian he is as Ivan Gazulić, Ivan Gazul and Ivan Gazoli[4][5][6] > In Serbian he is known as Jovan Gazulić.
b.   ^ Not to be confused with Dom Gjon Gazulli, an Albanian Catholic Cleric, executed by Ahmet Zogu's regime in 1927.[7]


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