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For the Brazilian telecommunications company, see Global Village Telecom.

Global Village was a leading manufacturer [1] of easy-to-use fax modems and other telecommunications products for the Apple Macintosh platform. It was one of the few manufacturers to support the Mac's RS422 serial ports without requiring an adaptor. Major product lines included the TelePort series of high-speed desktop dialup modems, the PowerPort series of internal PowerBook modems as well as a series of modems that connected to the Mac's ADB port. Many of its products were bundled with the Macintosh Performa series of computers and it was the manufacturer for the internal modem in the PowerBook 500 series.[2]

The company also produced the OneWorld fax server and the GlobalFax fax software for Macintosh computers, which it bundled with its hardware.[3][4]

Global Village later became a division of Zoom Telephonics.