Glory Daze

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This article is about the 1995 film. For 2010 television series, see Glory Daze (TV series).
Glory Daze
Directed by Rich Wilkes
Produced by Michael Scott Bloom
Written by Rich Wilkes
Starring Ben Affleck
Sam Rockwell
French Stewart
Alyssa Milano
Megan Ward
Music by The Vandals
Release dates
September 1995 (limited)
September 27, 1996 (wide)
Running time
100 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Glory Daze (released as Last Call in Australia) is an independent film starring Ben Affleck, Sam Rockwell, French Stewart and Alyssa Milano. It had a limited release in 1995.


The film deals with five friends who share a house (called "El Rancho") while attending art school at UC Santa Cruz. Now they are graduating, and they are struggling to cope going their separate ways. Party animal Jack (Ben Affleck) is still reeling over breaking up with his girlfriend, while also contending with his career choice to be an artist to the chagrin of his upper class parents. Rob (Sam Rockwell) is committing, although reluctantly, in moving to Los Angeles with his longtime girlfriend. Longtime student Dennis (French Stewart) has been accepted to a master's program at school in Michigan, although his mentor's influence may presuade him to stay in Santa Cruz. Mickey (Vinnie DeRamus) doesn't know how to tell his longtime friend Chelsea (Alyssa Milano) that he's in love with her while Slosh (Vien Hong) gave up his brilliant potential by dropping out and becoming a ne'er-do-well drunk with dead end jobs. The five must decide whether to continue living their glory years together for another year or carry on and follow their futures as adults.


Several actors who would later became stars in their own right had small roles in this film. Matt Damon has a brief appearance as a hated narcissistic coward ex-roommate, Matthew McConaughey plays an alcoholic rental truck representative, and there is a scene where Leah Remini and Brendan Fraser play an arguing couple on a bus.


The film is also notable for its soundtrack of contemporary, mainly Californian, skate/punk rock music, featuring an original score by The Vandals and other music by bands typical of the genre, including NOFX, Bad Religion, Tilt, The Mr. T Experience, Ednaswap, Bouncing Souls, and Sublime. The soundtrack album was released on The Vandals' label Kung Fu Records.

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