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The Winkelhaken (German for "angular hook", also simply called "hook" in English) is one of five basic wedge elements appearing in the composition of signs in Akkadian cuneiform. It was realized by pressing the point of the stylus into the clay.

A single Winkelhaken corresponds to the sign U (Borger 1981 nr. 411, Borger 2003 nr. 661), encoded in Unicode at codepoint U+1230B ๐’Œ‹.

other signs consisting of Winkelhaken:

  • A Glossenkeil (Borger nr. 378) is a cuneiform character, consisting of either two Winkelhaken (U+12471 ๐’‘ฑ), or of two parallel short diagonal wedges (U+12472 ๐’‘ฒ, similar to GAM), Borger 2003 nr. 592, which serves as a sort of punctuation, as it were as quote sign, marking foreign words or names, or as separation mark, transliterated as a colon ':'.
  • two Winkelhaken, MAN, XX "20", Borger 2003 nr. 708
  • three Winkelhaken, Eล , XXX "30", Borger 2003 nr. 711, U+1230D ๐’Œ
  • four Winkelhaken, NIMIN, XL "40", Borger 2003 nr. 712, U+1240F ๐’
  • four Winkelhaken, two of them reversed MAล GI, BARGI, Borger 2003 nr. 713, U+12310 ๐’Œ
  • five Winkelhaken, NINNU, L "50", Borger 2003 nr. 714, U+12410 ๐’
  • six Winkelhaken, LX "60", Borger 2003 nr. 715, U+12411 ๐’‘
  • seven Winkelhaken, Borger 2003 nr. 716, U+12412 ๐’’
  • eight Winkelhaken, Borger 2003 nr. 717, U+12413 ๐’“
  • nine Winkelhaken, Borger 2003 nr. 718, U+12414 ๐’”


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