God's Seat

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The view from within God's Seat, looking northward over Lake Sherwood.

God's Seat is a popular vista and rock formation in Malibu, California, United States, about two miles east of Circle X Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. God's Seat's name derives from its natural throne-like shape at the top of a thousand-foot cliff. It is well-known locally for its scenic views of Lake Sherwood, Sandstone Peak, the Conejo Valley and the Pacific Ocean.

The formation is visible from Little Sycamore Canyon Road, about two miles north of Mulholland Highway along the Backbone Trail. The California Hells Angels were and still can be common fixtures at the site, which goes less commonly by the nickname Smoker's Perch or "Stoner Point." The "seat of the throne" today is a floor of broken glass, though the site is now patrolled daily so as to prevent further vandalism.[citation needed]

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Coordinates: 34°06′36″N 118°54′24″W / 34.110138°N 118.906635°W / 34.110138; -118.906635 The coordinates are wrong. This is much much closer 34.112624, -118.929052