Gofraidh Ó Domhnaill

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Gofraidh Ó Domhnaill
King of Tír Chonaill
Successor Domhnall Óg Ó Domhnaill
Died 1257
near Letterkenny, Ireland
Father Domhnall Mór Ó Domhnaill

Gofraidh Ó Domhnaill was a King of Tír Chonaill and the first chieftain of mark in the O'Donnell dynasty.

Early years[edit]

Gofraidh was a son of Domhnall Mór Ó Domhnaill (died 1241).


Gofraidh rapidly came to power, initially with the support of the Norman FitzGeralds.

In 1248, he was inaugurated as "The O'Donnell", meaning chief of the clan. He made a successful inroad into Tyrone against Brian Ó Néill in 1252. In 1257, he drove the English out of northern Connacht after the battle of Creadran-Cille killing Maurice FitzGerald in personal combat, but suffering severe injuries. Gofraidh, while still incapacitated by his wound, was summoned by Brian to give hostages in token of submission. Carried on a litter at the head of his clan, he gave battle to Brian, whom he defeated with severe loss in prisoners and cattle.

Gofraidh died of his wound immediately afterwards outside of where the town of Letterkenny is today, and was succeeded in the chieftainship by his brother Domhnall Óg.