Goldfish Street

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Goldfish Street
Goldfish Street

Goldfish Street (Chinese: 金魚街) or Goldfish Market - is a section of Tung Choi Street, north of Bute Street.[1] There are numerous of shops selling tropical freshwater and marine fish, reptiles, vivariums etc.[2] The shops open around 11 o'clock in the morning. There are also quite a few restaurants or street food vendors on this street.[3]

There have been proposals to redevelop the area which may put the Goldfish market in jeopardy. There have also been reports about the sale of threatened or endangered species.[4]

The market is located close to other local attractions, such as the Flower Market and the Bird Market. Coordinates: 22°19′23.5″N 114°10′11.17″E / 22.323194°N 114.1697694°E / 22.323194; 114.1697694


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