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António Cândido Gonçalves Crespo (11 March 1846 – 11 June 1883) was a Brazilian-born Portuguese poet. Born to a slave mother on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro on March 11, 1846, he moved to Portugal at the age of ten. He was educated at the University of Coimbra, but "devoted himself almost exclusively to the Muses at Lisbon."[1] His poetry was deeply informed by Parnassianism. He occasionally collaborated with his wife Maria Amália Vaz de Carvalho, also a noted writer. He died in Lisbon on June 11, 1883, aged 37.


  • Miniaturas (1870)
  • Nocturnos (1882) [1]
  • Obras Completas (1887)


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