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There have been eleven Gordon Baronetcies  :

Gordon of Letterfourie, Sutherland (1625)[edit]

The creation of Robert Gordon of Gordonstoun, 4th son of the Alexander Gordon, 12th Earl of Sutherland, to the Baronetage of Nova Scotia was the first such in that Baronetage, and until the line failed in 1908 were the premier baronets in Scotland.[1]

Gordon of Gordonstoun[edit]

Gordon of Letterfourie[edit]

baronetcy dormant 24 Mar 1908

Gordon of Cluny, Aberdeen (1625)[edit]

baronetcy dormant c 1668

Gordon of Lesmore, Aberdeen (1625)[edit]

baronetcy dormant 9 Nov 1839

Gordon of Lochinvar, Kirkcudbright (1626)[edit]

Baronetcy merged with Viscountcy until it became dormant in 1847

Gordon of Embo, Sutherland (1631)[edit]

Baronetcy extinct or dormant 9 Sep 1956

Gordon of Haddo, Aberdeen (1642)[edit]

see Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair

Gordon of Park, Banff (1686)[edit]

baronetcy extinct or dormant 23 Jul 1835

Gordon of Dalpholly, Sutherland (1704)[edit]

baronetcy dormant 1850

Gordon of Earlston, Kirkcudbright (1706)[edit]

Gordon of Newark-upon-Trent, Nottinghamshire (1764)[edit]

baronetcy extinct 1831 [3]

Gordon of Northcourt, Isle of Wight (1818)[edit]

baronetcy extinct 1876



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