Government of Guido Vildoso Calderón, 1982

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The High Command of the Military of Bolivia entrusted General Guido Vildoso Calderón with the Presidency on 21 July 1982, and he formed his cabinet.

Ministry / Date 21.07.1982 [1] 29.07.1982 [2] 05.10.1982 [3]
Foreign and Religious Affaire Agustín Saavedra Weise, AND
Interior, Migration and Justice Edgar Rojas Ruiz, mil
National Defense Alfredo Villarroel Barja, mil
Finance Alfonso Revollo Tennier, MNR
Planning and Co-ordination Amadeó Saldías Cordero, mil
Education and Culture Marcelo Calvo Valda, FSB
Labor and Union Affairs Julio Villagomez Vargas, mil
Industry, Commerce and Tourism Jorge Escobar Sanchez, mil Raúl Soria Ruíz, ind
Transport and Communications Douglas Estremadoiro Garcia, mil
Mining and Metallurgy Octavio Villavicencio Quintanilla, mil
Energy and Hydrocarbons Augusto Sanchez Valle, mil
Agriculture and Peasant Affairs Victor Hugo Balderrama Casanovas, mil
Health and Social Security Dorian Gorena Urizar, ind
Housing Manuel Lujan Alba, mil
Economic Integration José Antonio Oña Costas, mil
Press, Information and Sports Hugo Gonzalez Rioja, MNR Luis Peñaranda Beltrán, MNR
Aviation Natalio Morales Mosquera, mil
Secretary to the Cabinet Alfredo Careaga Guereca, ind

mil – military

ind – independent

MNR – Revolutionary Nationalist Movement

FSB – Bolivian Socialist Falange

AND – Nationalist Democratic Action


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