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Great Lakes Christian High School is a private high school in Beamsville, Ontario.


Great Lakes Christian High School began operation in 1952 on the former estate of S.T. Creet, who had purchased the property from the estate of Senator William Gibson in 1918]. Mr. Creet was a businessman in Ontario's Niagara Peninsula with connections from Lewiston, New York to Toronto. He and a friend, Mr. Williams, and built the Deer Park Golf Club in Grimsby, and he was also a member of the Toronto Board of Trade. He was taken around the Niagara Peninsula in 1918 by an immigration minister to find a home large enough for his family. He bought the property of Senator Gibson based on the size of the home and its beautiful elm trees. Creet had many renovations done to the house and brought it into the twentieth century with kitchen improvements and installing plumbing. The school was started by members of the Church of Christ to help train future leadership for the church.


In 2008 the name was changed to Great Lakes Christian High School. The High School now has a student body of about 110 students. The academic, residential and extracurricular programs are outstanding. There are about 30 international students at the school and they hold 15 different passports. Although the school was started by members of the Church of Christ — all faith backgrounds are welcomed and encouraged to develop their relationship with God. Great Lakes Christian High School fosters excellence in education while equipping learners to seek, serve and become like Christ. Great Lakes offers a chapel and bible program to help students learn more about the life of Jesus and gives them an opportunity to open up. Other religious activities include youth group, devotionals and prayer groups all happening weekly. Great Lakes takes part in OFSSA sports for badminton, basketball, volleyball, track & field, cross country, soccer, tennis and recreation hockey. (All co-ed) The international diversion gives students the opportunity to be challenged making connections from all around the world. Great Lakes is a small community that is very welcoming for all high school students and can be a life changing experience for all.

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