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Great wall studio's logo

Great Wall Studio was Hong Kong's leading left-wing studio and one committed to making progressive mandarin films with social content as well as entertainment value.


In 1948, Zhang Shankun co-founded with Yuan Yang'an the Great Wall Pictures Corporation. The momentum for developing a Mandarin film industry was established but Zhang and Yuan departed company when the finances and administration of Great Wall became influenced by events happening in China. Yuan stayed in the reorganised Great Wall Movie Enterprises Ltd, which became identified with left-wing tendencies.

Well known for their patriotism towards mainland China, Great Wall often collaborated with Feng Huang (Phoenix) Motion Picture Co and it was the pioneer studio in the early 1950s.

Notable directors and actors[edit]

There are many veterans and talents from China who joined the studio, In the meanwhile, lots of acting talents and directors are cultivated too.




In 1982, Great Wall merged with Feng Huang, Chung Yuen and Sun Luen Film Co. as Sil-Metropole Organisation.