Green Shoe Studio

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Green Shoe Studio
IndustryRecording and video production
East Peoria, Illinois
OwnerJacob Colgan, Jonathan Colgan and Oceanna Colgan[1] Edit this on Wikidata

Green Shoe Studio is a recording and video production studio in East Peoria, Illinois. Owned by Jacob Colgan[2], Jonathan Colgan and Oceanna Colgan[3]. The company's motto is "Changing Our Community One Dream at a Time"[4].

In July 2013, the company produced the short documentary "A Letter from Fred" which later went viral in August 2013. The short documentary profiled Fred Stobaugh, who lost his wife of 75 years and wrote a song for her[5][6]. Green Shoe Studio is the credited recording artist of "Oh Sweet Lorraine," the song that broke Billboard records, featuring the oldest co-writer of a song to hit the Hot 100[7][8]. The song was written, recorded and produced at Green Shoe Studio.


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