Greenwood (Ontario electoral district)

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Ontario electoral district
Toronto Provincial Ridings 1926a.pdf
Greenwood, in relation to the other Toronto ridings, after the 1926 redistribution.
Defunct provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of Ontario
District created 1925
District abolished 1933
First contested 1926
Last contested 1929
For the defunct British Columbia electoral district, see Greenwood (provincial electoral district).

Greenwood was an Ontario provincial electoral district that existed from 1926 to 1934. It covered a section of the eastern city of Toronto east of Jones Avenue and west of Greenwood Avenue. The riding lasted less than ten years when the riding was dissolved and split between the neighbouring ridings of Riverdale to the west and Woodbine to the east.


In 1926 the riding was carved out of the existing riding of Riverdale with the following boundaries. The southern boundary was Lake Ontario. Going north along the west side it formed a line following Carlaw Avenue north to the city limits. The boundary went east following the city limits until it reached Greenwood Avenue. From here it went south to Queen Street East. A short jog west to Knox Avenue which was followed south to its end. This line was extended south to the lake.[1]

Prior to the 1934 election, the riding was dissolved and split between Woodbine to the east and Riverdale to the west.[2]

Members of Provincial Parliament[edit]

Assembly Years Member Party
Prior to 1926 part of the Riverdale riding[3]
17th  1926–1929     George Smith Conservative
18th  1929–1934
Sourced from the Ontario Legislative Assembly[4]
Merged into the Riverdale and the Woodbine ridings after 1934

Election results[edit]

Ontario general election, 1926
Party Candidate Votes[3][5][nb 1] Vote %
    Conservative George Smith 9,090 78.6
    Liberal Thomas Rennick 2,472 21.4
Total 11,562
Ontario general election, 1929
Party Candidate Votes[6] Vote %
    Conservative George Smith 5,784 79.0
    Liberal Joseph C. Smith 1,534 21.0
Total 8,668



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