Groovin' Blocks

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Groovin' Blocks
Groovin' Blocks.jpg
Developer(s) Empty Clip Studios
Publisher(s) Zoo Publishing, Sony Online Entertainment
Platform(s) iPhone OS, Wii, WiiWare, PlayStation Network
Release Wii
  • NA: August 11, 2009
  • NA: September 8, 2008
  • NA: October 24, 2009
PlayStation Network
  • NA: March 18, 2010
Genre(s) Puzzle
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

Groovin' Blocks is a puzzle video game for Wii by Empty Clip Studios. It was released in North America on September 8, 2008 as a downloadable WiiWare game.[1] It also released as an expanded retail of the game in North America on August 11, 2009.[2] The game was later released for the iPhone OS platform and on PlayStation Network on March 18, 2010.


Groovin' Blocks is a falling block-type puzzle game with gameplay that has been likened to Columns and Lumines.[3] The game sees players having to clear lines of three or more blocks of the same color, and like Columns players can cycle through the falling lines of blocks, with adjacent blocks of the same color also disappearing with the matched lines. In addition, extra points can be scored when players bring their falling blocks down to the downbeats (called "Superbeats") of the game's electronica soundtrack, adding to a score multiplier.

By setting high scores, players collect stars to unlock new songs and power-ups. Unlike most puzzle games which are played to infinity, each stage in Groovin' Blocks lasts for the duration of the song if the player has not yet failed the stage by filling their play area with blocks.

The game also features offline two player competitive and co-operative modes, as well as an option for colorblind players that turns the different colored blocks into shapes.[4]


IGN gave Groovin' Blocks a 7.6/10, calling the game a fun "one trick pony" and a "pretty impressive" first effort from the developers.[4] Siliconera called it "a deceptively addictive, fun little gem" that is "a great hybrid of the puzzle and music genres".[5]