Guatemalan women's football championship

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Guatemalan women's football championship
Logo-Liga Nacional de Futbol Femenino de Guatemala-LNFFG.jpg
Number of teams16 (2011)
Level on pyramid1
Current championsJutiapanecas Rosal
(Clausura 2013)
Most championshipsComunicaciones (6 titles)

The Guatemalan women's football championship or Liga Nacional de Fútbol Femenino de Guatemala is the top level women's football league in Guatemala. The league was first played in the 1997 season. Record champions are Comunicaciones with six titles.

Competition format[edit]

An annual competition was play out from 1997/98 to 2007/08, when and Apertura and Clausura format was adopted. Now after the regular season, play-offs are played.

There is a constant change of teams in the league, as 13 clubs became insolvent just between 2008 and the beginning of 2011 and had to withdrew from the league.[1]


The list of champions:[2]

Annual champions:

Year Champions
1997/98 Comunicaciones (unofficial)
1998/99 Comunicaciones
1999/00 Comunicaciones
2000/01 Comunicaciones
2001/02 Comunicaciones
2002/03 Comunicaciones
2003/04 La Gomera
2004/05 Monjas Jalapa
2005/06 Juventus
2006/07 Comunicaciones
2007/08 Amatitlán

Apertura and clausura champions.

Year Apertura champions
(ends in winter)
Clausura champions
(ends in summer)
2008/09 Seysa Chimaltenango Seysa Chimaltenango
2009/10 Seysa Chimaltenango Unifut
2010/11 Unifut Unifut
2011/12 Unifut Unifut
2012/13 Unifut Jutiapanecas Rosal

Titles by team[edit]

Number of wins, not including the 1997/98 season.

Titles Team
6 Comunicaciones
6 Unifut
3 Seysa Chimaltenango
1 Amatitlán
La Gomera
Monjas Jalapa
Jutiapanecas Rosal

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