Gurdwara Sahib Stockton

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Gurdwara Sahib Stockton
The Sikh Temple in Stockton, California, 1915.jpg
Location1930 S Sikh Temple St, Stockton, CA 95206
Date establishedOctober 24, 1912

Gurdwara Sahib Stockton is a gurdwara located in the city of Stockton, California. It is notable for being the first Sikh house of worship in the United States.[1]

The Pacific Coast Khalsa Diwan Society founded the gurdwara in 1912.


Interior in 1916

Jawala Singh, a successful potato farmer in the San Joaquin Valley, leased a 500-acre ranch with business partner Wasakha Singh in Holtville, next to Stockton. Immigrating Punjabi Sikh farmers would perform prayers in a room on the farm with the Guru Granth Sahib.[1] Jawala and Wasakha would eventually found the gurdwara on South Grant Street in a house, but their ranch would become an important religious, social, and political center associated with the gurdwara.[2][3]

Jawala went on to form the Ghadar Party, a revolutionary movement that called for diaspora Indians to end the British occupation of India.[3] The Stockton Gurdwara would serve as an important benefactor of the Ghadar Party, sponsoring the first Punjabi language newspaper in the United States, The Ghadar, among other support.[4]

A 2015 address at the gurdwara

Notable people[edit]

Dalip Singh Saund, Democrat CA-29, the first Sikh American, the first Asian American, the first Indian American and the first member of a non-Abrahamic faith to be elected to Congress. His studies at University of California, Berkeley, were sponsored by the Stockton Gurdwara.[5]

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