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Gustav "Gus" Saron
Born 1905
Johannesburg, South Africa
Died 1989 (aged 83–84)
Johannesburg, South Africa
Nationality South Africa

Gustav "Gus" Saron (1905 – 1989)[1] was associated with the South African Jewish Board of Deputies for almost half a century.[2] He was appointed Secretary in 1936 and General Secretary in 1940. He retired at the end of 1974, but continued in the role of Honorary Consultant.[3] In July 1966 Saron completed thirty years of service as the Board's General Secretary, the top post in South African Jewry's "civil service," and was suitably feted by communal leaders. Johannesburg-born, Saron lectured in classics and Hebrew at the Witwatersrand University before practising law and joining the staff of the Board of Deputies. He played a key part in combating Nazi propaganda in South Africa during the Hitler years, and in expanding the Board's scope and activities. In lieu of taking a sabbatical leave, Saron embarked, in October 1966, on a five-months' study tour of Jewish communities in the United States, Europe, and Israel.[4]


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