HK2 DI Kernel

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Developer(s) Oracle Corporation
Stable release
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in Java 6 or Higher
Type Dependency Injection Kernel
License CDDL version 1.0 and GPL v2 license

HK2 (Hundred-Kilobyte Kernel) is a light-weight and dynamic dependency injection framework and is a part of the GlassFish Application Server.

HK2 complies with JSR 330 (Dependency Injection for Java). It has useful utilities for marking classes as services and interfaces as contracts.[1]

Some of the features of HK2 DI Kernel are

  • Custom scopes
  • use of proxies
  • Custom injection resolution
  • Assisted injection
  • J-I-T injection resolution
  • Custom validation and security
  • Run Level Services[2]


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