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HM-41 155mm Howitzer
Type Howitzer
Place of origin Iran
Service history
Used by Iran
Production history
Manufacturer Defense Industries Organization
Weight combat: 6,890 kg

Caliber 155 mm
Recoil Hydro-pneumatic
Carriage tripod
Elevation 0° to 66°
Traverse 25° right, 23.5° left
Rate of fire 4 round per minute
Effective firing range 22 km
Maximum firing range 30–34 km
(with rocket assisted ammunition)

HM-41 is an Iranian howitzer which is claimed to be based on the American M114. In appearance, it is very similar to the South Korean KH179. It has a 155 mm/39 calibre barrel with a muzzle brake to lessen the recoil.[1] According to Iranian sources, the 155 mm/39 calibre HM41 weighs 6,890 kg and firing a rocket-assisted High-Explosive (HE) projectile, a maximum range of 30,000 m can be achieved. Firing an unassisted HE projectile, a maximum range of 22,000 m can be obtained. This is an improvement as compared to the M114. The Howitzer has been offered for export. But no country is known to be using it except Iran.[2]

A wheeled self-propelled version is reported to be under development. The first prototype was finished in 2011.[3]

In 2012, Iran unveiled laser guided Basir 155 mm artillery shells which were tested by an HM 41 howitzer.[4]



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