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Leonora Christina IMO 9557848 - 2.JPG
Leonora Christina
Name: Leonora Christina
Owner: BornholmerFærgen
Port of registry: Denmark Rønne
Ordered: April 2009
Yard number: 148
Launched: January 22, 2011[2]
Completed: March 2011
Maiden voyage: May 18, 2011
In service: June 22, 2011
General characteristics
Class and type: + 1A1 HSLC, R2, Passenger Car Ferry A, EO[3]
Tonnage: 6,402 bt / 500 nt
Length: 112.6 m
Beam: 26.2 m
Height: 28.5 m
Draft: 4.85 m
Depth: 8.5 m
Decks: 5 (3 car decks / 2 passenger decks
Ramps: 2 (stern and bow)
Installed power: 4 x MAN 20V 28/33D diesel engines
Propulsion: 4 x Rolls Royce KaMeWa 125 SIII waterjets[4]
Speed: 40 knots (74 km/h)
Capacity: 1400 passengers, 350 cars, 40 trucks
Crew: 30 - 35

The Leonora Christina is a fast passenger ferry which was built in 2011 by Austal Ships, Perth, Australia. She was in active service between Rønne (Bornholm in Denmark) and Ystad in Sweden.

She is BornholmerFærgen which provides services between the Island Bornholm and Sweden. The ferry had technical problems and was taken out of service for more than two weeks. Villum Clausen had to take over during that period. It was buyed on April 2017 by Fred Olsen to provide services from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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