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Logo of HUMO
Categories TV magazine
Frequency Weekly
Circulation 150,232 (2013)
Publisher Sanoma Magazines
Year founded 1936; 79 years ago (1936)
Company Sanoma
Country Belgium
Language Dutch
Website HUMO

HUMO is a popular Dutch-language Belgian weekly radio and television magazine.

History and profile[edit]

Humoradio (meaning a portmanteau of 'humor' and 'radio' in English) was first published in 1936 as a Dutch language counterpart to Le Moustique, now Télémoustique.[1] During World War II between 1940 and 1944 Humoradio was not published. In 1958, when television started to reach a larger audience in the country, the magazine was renamed as Humo.[2] The magazine is published on a weekly basis.[3]

The owner of HUMO is Sanoma and is published by Sanoma magazines.[4]

HUMO organizes Humo's Rock Rally, an important Belgian contest for young rock bands,[5] and sponsors the Rock Werchter festival.


Since 2002 HUMO has had a declining circulation rate.[6] During the period of 2006-2007 the circulation of the magazine was 278,000 copies.[3] The magazine sold 320,000 copies on 23 September 2008 when it offered a free copy of Goddamned Days on a Goddamned Planet which was an unpublished new novel of Flemish author Dimitri Verhulst.[6] During the first quarter of 2009 the circulation of the magazine was 256,558 copies.[7] The magazine had a circulation of 215,409 copies in 2010 and 197,105 copies in 2011.[8] It was 166,732 copies in 2012.[8] The 2013 circulation of the magazine was 150,232 copies.[9]


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