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Taipei Metro
Haishan Station Platform.jpg
Haishan Station platform
Location B2F, No. 16, Leli St.
Tucheng, New Taipei
Operated by
Connections Bus stop
Structure type Underground
Opened May 31, 2006
Passengers 39,441 daily (2016)[1]
(Ranked 40th of 109)
Haishan Station
Chinese 海山站

The Taipei Metro Haishan Station is a station on the Banqiao Line located in Tucheng District, New Taipei City, Taiwan.[2]

Station layout[edit]

Street Level Entrance/Exit Entrance/Exit
B Underground Parking Lot Underground Parking Lot
B1 Concourse Lobby, automatic ticket dispensing machine, information desk, one-way faregates
Restrooms (South side, inside fare zone)
B2 Platform 1   Line 5 towards Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (Far Eastern Hospital)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Platform 2   Line 5 towards Dingpu (Tucheng)
Haishan Station Exit 2.
Haishan Station concourse.

The two-level, underground station with an island platform and three exits. It is located close to Mingde Rd. and Yuming Rd.[3]


  • May 31, 2006: The station opened as part of a western extension to Yongning.


The station is 200 meters long and 21 meters side.[3] Initially, the proposed site was too narrow to construct a station. Thus, the neighboring Gongguan drain was changed into an underground drainage box. The station was constructed on top of the drain between National Haishan Industrial Vocational High School and Leli Elementary School.[3]

Public art[edit]

Public art for the station is titled "Farm" and is located in the public square outside the station. It consists of 11 cows of differing sizes and forms which also act as street furniture. The painted ponds on the ground were created with the help of teachers and students from the nearby Leli Elementary School.[4]


  • Exit 1: Behind the Leli Elementary School
  • Exit 2: Beside the sports ground of Haishan I.V. High School Accessibility Elevator.
  • Exit 3: Alley 6, Lane 21, Yumin Rd. (Adjacent to Yumin Rd.)

Around the station[edit]

  • Haishan Industrial Vocational High School
  • Leli Elementary School
  • Guangfu Elementary School
  • Zhongzheng Junior High School
  • Huorao Market
  • Tucheng Gymnasium


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toward Dingpu
Line 5

Coordinates: 24°59′07″N 121°26′55″E / 24.985229°N 121.448603°E / 24.985229; 121.448603