Hamburg Rom Wolfsheim

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Hamburg Rom Wolfsheim
Live album by Wolfsheim
Released 1997
Genre Synthpop
Length 1:13:56
Label Strange Ways Records
Producer José Alvarez-Brill
Wolfsheim chronology
Dreaming Apes
Hamburg Rom Wolfsheim

Hamburg Rom Wolfsheim (1997) is the fifth album by the German synthpop duo Wolfsheim. It is their first and only live album.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Wolfsheim, except as noted.

  1. "Intro" (inspired by Antonín Dvořák) (Instrumental)
  2. "The Sparrows and the Nightingales" (English)
  3. "A Look into Your Heart" (English)
  4. "It's not too Late" (English)
  5. "Annie" (English)
  6. "Kissing the Wall" (German)
  7. "Now I Fall" (English)
  8. "For You I'm Bleeding" (English)
  9. "Elias" (English)
  10. "A Million Lovesongs" (English)
  11. "Closer Still" (English)
  12. "Upstairs" (English)
  13. "Old Man's Valley" (English)
  14. "A Broken Whisper" (English)
  15. "A New Starsystem has been Explored" (German)
  16. "Leave no Deed Undone" (English)
  17. "Übers Jahr" (German "Over the Year")
  18. "Ruby" (English; by Mel Tillis)
  19. "This Time" (English)


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