Hammond's Knoll

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Hammond's Knoll
Coastal feature
Haisboro Sands.jpg
Location map of Hammond's Knoll (right edge of map)
Official name: Hammond's Knoll
Country United Kingdom
District Coastal East of England
Municipality Norfolk
Location Southern North Sea

Hammond's Knoll is a 6-mile (9.7 km) long sandbank off the coast of Norfolk, England at Happisburgh, to the east of Haisborough Sands. The sandbank at low tide has a depth of 6 fathoms (11 m) at each end, and 3 fathoms (5.5 m) in the centre. The sandbank has lighted buoys at its north and east ends.

Ships wrecked on Hammond's Knoll[edit]

Some of the ships wrecked here include:

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Coordinates: 52°52′N 1°55′E / 52.867°N 1.917°E / 52.867; 1.917