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Hana Shiha (Arabic: هنا شيحة‎‎; born 25 December 1985) is an Egyptian actress, born in Beirut from a Lebanese mom and her father is the Egyptian international acclaimed painter " Ahmed Shiha".

Born in an artistic family, hana pursued her performing love by graduating from the academy of arts, majoring acting & directing, She started her carrier while she was still a student in a hit series with the late director ismael abdel hafez " el bar el Gharbi " in 2002


Hana Shiha Egyptian actress born on 25 December 1985 in Beirut to an artistic family of 4 sisters, who were also actresses "Hala Shiha", "Maya Shiha" and "Rasha Shiha" who appeared in a video clip with the Singer "Hani shaker". Hana's Father "the Internationally acclaimed Egyptian painter" Ahmed shiha, And her Lebanese mother Nadia Zeitoun, moved back to Egypt in her early years . Nadia Zeitoun who loved art and saw blossoming talents in her young girls, encouraged her 4 daughters to be more creative, taking piano, ballet lessons as children. Hana fell in love with reading too, taking it up from her mother, she finished reading the French, British and Egyptian literature, at the age of 16 . In her adolescent years, reading edged out the other arts and became a kind of refuge—as her classmates sought out fun in the sun, the fair-skinned Hana retreated to read more books and gain more knowledge. Pursuing her passion for stories, cinema and performing, by enrolling in the academy of arts,receiving a bachelor's degree from the high institute of Dramatic arts, majoring acting & directing. She broke into the silver screen at age 20, landing a role in "EL BAR EL GHARBI" (2002). That appearance touched off a flurry of film and television offers, including a lead in Egypt hit film by Khaled el hagar Co-starring Laila Eloui, Hanan Turk and Ashraf abdelbaki "HOB EL BANAT"aka "GIRL'S LOVE" (2003), A turn in Enam Mohamed Ali's series"MUBARA ZAWGEYA" (2004), Followed by the leading role in Sameh Abdel Aziz first film "DARS KHOSOUSY " Aka "PRIVATE LESSON"(2005) with star academy winner " Mohamed Attia". Shiha's next casting coup scored her more than exposure, While starring as the lovely daddy's girl with Yehya e fakharani in the Hit series " YETRABA FE EZZO" (2007), she won over Egypt's heart, line and sinker. 2009, Shiha hosted a TV comic show ( 100,7) which added a new value to the actress as a deadly comic talent. Imprisoned In the sweetheart role, eager for wider range roles, Shiha wanted to change the known Egypt's sweet heart, the girl next door type, decided to make a turning point in her carrier to land a new role in the series "SHAREA ABDEL AZIZ"(2011), which was a hit success followed by the series "TAREF TALET" aka "THIRD PARTY"(2012) directed by Mohamed Bakir. Despite her steady employment, critics and moviegoers still had not quite warmed to Shiha as a leading lady. She tried to spice up her image by seducing Eyad Nassar in Mohamed Yassin's hit series "MOGA HARRA" aka "THE HEAT WAVE" (2013), Playing a very daring role that changed the whole image of the young actress, from an innocent girl to a daring sexy woman which proved that she had an impressive range as an actress, But achieved her real breakthrough with Khaled Marei's series : "EL SABAA WASSAYA" aka "THE SEVEN COMMANMENDS "(2014), which was a great success, she created the new love icon "Em-Em" along with her acting partner Walid Fawaz who played "arnous". "Em-Em & Arnous" became the new Egyptian love story icons. In 2014 Hana shiha starred the movie "BEFORE TTHE SPRING " directed by ahmed atef, playing a political online activist who fights for Election rights and freedom of speech before the 2011 Egyptian revolution. 2015 hana Starred alongside 18 actors in the first Egyptian Epic Series "EL ADH: EL KALAM EL MUBAH"aka "THE VOW" playing "Segag" the girl who killed and overthrew her entire family and made a packed with the devil to be the ruler, As a throne-crazed determined to eliminate any obstacle in her path, Shiha proved that she had an impressive range and deadly look. Chosen for her creativity and genuinely playing her roles, Mohamed khan the internationally acclaimed film director picked her to Starr his new feature film "ABL ZAHMET EL SEIF" aka "BEFORE THE SUMMER CROWD". "BEFORE THE SUMMER CROWD" is a breakthrough in the story telling style of Khan's films. Being a leading lady in a Mohamed khan movie is a turning point and a new stepping stone in Hana shiha's blossoming career.


  • Hob El-Banat ("Girls' Love," 2004) ......... Ro'aya Mustafa Abu Hagar
  • Dars Khosousy ("Private Lesson," 2005) ......... Gamila
  • yetraba fe ezzo 2007 ...
  • 7th st, of happiness 2007
  • ayam el ro3b wel hob ( days of love and thunder ) 2008
  • hosted a TV comic show ( 100,7) in 2009
  • Musharaffa .. A man of this era .... In 2010 .......Dawlat
  • Sharea abdel aziz ... Lobna in 2011
  • Taraf talet in 2012 ..... Gigi
  • Moga Harra in 2013 ..... Noussa
  • Before the spring 2014 .... Sara..
  • El saba3 Wasaya in 2014 .... Em.Em
  • El Ahd : El kalam El Mobah in 2015 ... Segag
  • El Beyut Asrar in 2015 .... Walaa
  • 2015 ... Chosen for her creativity and genuine performance, Mohamed Khan chose her to star his new feature film "Before the Summer Crowds"


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