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Hangthwaite Castle was an earthwork motte and bailey castle founded by Nigel Fozzard. It stood in the 11th century[citation needed] and is situated just north of Scawthorpe, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England. In the 13th century, a fortified house called Radcliffe Moat (53°33′19″N 1°09′50″W / 53.5554°N 1.1639°W / 53.5554; -1.1639 (Radcliffe Moat)) replaced Hangthwaite Castle as a local fortification.[1] Nowadays, only the motte and the ditches remain. Encased by the wide wet ditch, the motte defends a bean-shaped eastern bailey and a small north-western mound, which is possibly a barbican.[2]

It is known locally as Castle Hills,[3] with a school, just a few hundred yards away bearing the name Castle Hills Primary School.[4]


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Coordinates: 53°33′15″N 1°10′09″W / 53.5541°N 1.1691°W / 53.5541; -1.1691