Hans Tausen Iskappe

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Hans Tausen Iskappe is an ice cap in northern Greenland. It is about 75 km from north to south and 50 km from east to west and sits on a 1000 m high plateau. Ice cores show it is around 3500–4000 years old. It formed since the Holocene climatic optimum of 6000-8000 BP.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

It is the source of many glaciers, including Ymer Gletscher, Lurgletscher and the Tjalfe Gletscher.[7] It is a well studied ice cap, and is important to understanding the last Climactic Optimum. (Holocene climatic optimum)[8]

The future development of the ice cap is highly dependent upon summer temperatures.[9]


Coordinates: 82°30′00″N 37°30′00″W / 82.5000°N 37.5000°W / 82.5000; -37.5000